Elizabeth Warren, the first Democrat to run the US 2020 presidential election

Elizabeth Warren, the first Democrat to run the US 2020 presidential election


The Massachusetts senator announced Monday the launch of a “support committee” to raise funds.

The year 2018 is not over yet, but the start of the 2020 presidential campaign has already been given. On Monday, Elizabeth Warren, senator and fierce critic of Donald Trump, became the first major Democrat to formally display her ambitions.

Elected in Massachusetts since 2013, Elizabeth Warren, a figure on the left wing of the Democratic Party, announced on Twitter the launch of a “support committee” to raise funds for a possible candidacy. In a video posted on her Twitter page, she claims to want to “rebuild the American middle class”, weakened according to her by “billionaires and big companies” who “enlisted politicians to get a bigger share” of the cake.

Regularly engaged in jousts on Twitter with Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren was criticized in her own camp two months ago when she published the results of a DNA analysis proving that she did have a Native American ancestor dating back ‘between six and ten generations.

The race for the democratic nomination very open

What should be a reply to Donald Trump (“I will give a million dollars to your favorite charity if you pass a test that shows you’re Indian,” said the president, who calls her “Pocahontas” July) partly returned to the senator. Many Democrats have felt that Elizabeth Warren fell to the level of Donald Trump by reacting in this way.

After the mid-term elections, which have given pride of place to minority or left-wing candidates, the campaign to win the Democratic nomination promises to be the most open since 1992, when Bill Clinton had created a surprise. according to the New York Times. The question is what will be the positioning chosen by the Democrats for 2020: should a centrist be able to attract Republicans hostile to the president or must we stand out with a much more radical program against Donald Trump?

A poll released in November by the Politico Democrats website put Elizabeth Warren far behind other possible contenders, with only 5 percent of respondents giving her preference versus 26 percent for former Barack Obama vice president Joe Biden. and 19% for former 2016 primary student Bernie Sanders.

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