Emanuela Orlandi Disappearance the mystery remains

Emanuela Orlandi Disappearance : the mystery remains


The disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi remains a complete mystery. The opening of two graves in the German cemetery of the Vatican had filled the family of this girl who had disappeared 36 years ago with hope, but their search revealed no trace of the missing person, and worse, they proved completely empty. .

Mafia, Turkish extremists, sexual orgies: the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, whose father worked for the Holy See, fed a whole series of theories more crazy than the others. last summer, a message sent to the lawyer of the Orlandi family pointed out these two Germanic tombs of the nineteenth century.

Pietro Orlandi, brother of Emanuela Orlandi: “Above all, what I consider important, with the opening of these tombs, inside the Vatican, is that for the first time the Vatican admits that there is the possibility, if any, of internal responsibility, otherwise it would not have opened them “…

Restructuring work on this German cemetery in the Vatican has been carried out several times, works that are being checked at the moment … But the young Emanuela, still no trace … She would have 51 years.

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