Erdogan advises Emmanuel Macron "to learn to be honest in politics

Erdogan advises Emmanuel Macron “to learn to be honest in politics


On Saturday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attacked his French counterpart in a speech to his party officials in Kizilcahamam: “To send a message to the 700,000 Armenians living in France will not save you Emmanuel Macron. ” Emmanuel Macron’s decision to set up a day of commemoration of the “Armenian genocide” still does not pass in Ankara.

France has organized this year for the first time a day of commemoration of the Armenian Genocide on April 24. It is recognized by thirty countries and the community of historians. According to estimates, between 1.2 million and 1.5 million Armenians were killed during the First World War by troops of the Ottoman Empire, then allied to Germany and Austria-Hungary.

Turkey evokes reciprocal massacres against a backdrop of civil war

Turkey, however, refuses the use of the term “genocide”, referring to reciprocal massacres in the midst of civil war and famine that have left hundreds of thousands dead on both sides. According to Erdogan, if Turkey had done what it is accused of, “we could not talk about millions of Armenians who live in a large area, from Europe to America, from North Africa to the Caucasus” .

“Learn first to be honest in politics, if you are not, you will not win,” continued Erdogan, having said he has already said directly to the French president “many times.”

Erdogan had already called Macron a “novice” in politics

In February, the Turkish president had already called his French counterpart a “novice” in politics and blamed France for having committed a “genocide” in Algeria during the colonial period and for having also taken part in the genocide in Rwanda.

During the commemorations on Wednesday in Paris, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe declared that France intended to contribute to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide as a crime against humanity and would not be “impressed by any lies”.

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