France condemns missile launch of space launcher by Iran

France condemns space missile launch launched by Iran


France strongly condemns the space missile launch launched by Iran and urges Tehran not to carry out activities related to ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons, announced Wednesday the Quai d’Orsay.

The Iranian government said Tuesday it had tried to place a satellite in orbit, despite warnings from Washington, while acknowledging that the attempt failed. President Hassan Rohani assured the day after this failure that Tehran would be ready for a new satellite shot in a few months, according to the Iranian agency Irib.

“France strongly condemns this launch, which does not comply with UN Security Council Resolution 2231 (UNSC),” said the spokeswoman for the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“We call on Iran not to carry out new ballistic missile fire designed to be able to carry nuclear weapons, including space launch vehicles, and urge Iran to respect its obligations under all relevant resolutions of the UNSC, “she continues.

“Space launchers use technologies that are very similar to those used for ballistic missiles, in particular (…) intercontinental, says the Quai d’Orsay.

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