G7 in Biarritz Donald Trump will arrive tomorrow in France, angry

G7 in Biarritz: Donald Trump will arrive tomorrow in France, angry


Donald Trump is expected to enter the G7 already well back, annoyed by the articles that are multiplying on a possible recession in his country, also upset by the reaction of Denmark when he wanted to buy Greenland.

The Greenland will not be on the agenda of the G7 which will begin this Saturday, August 24 in Biarritz. But after the diplomatic incident related to Donald Trump’s willingness to buy this territory in Denmark, the US President comes more than ever with the image of a spoilsport, isolated on almost every front.

At the top of the agenda, Iran. The United States, which withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, has adopted a policy of sanctions and maximum pressure. As Europeans and Japanese try to revive the dialogue, Donald Trump has showered their hopes. He reframed Emmanuel Macron saying that no one could speak on behalf of the United States.

Another bone of contention, Russia. Donald Trump regularly wooes Vladimir Putin. He wants to see the Russian leader reinstate the G8 from which he was excluded after the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Finally, irritated by the risks of recession mentioned by many analysts, the US President will be particularly tense on trade issues. He has not ruled out imposing new taxes on European automobiles and French wine.

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