Gerard Araud Donald Trump is very narcissistic

Gerard Araud: “Donald Trump is very narcissistic”


The former French ambassador to Washington, Gerard Araud has just retired and writes his memoirs. Franceinfo’s guest Monday, April 29, the former diplomat returned to the presidency of Donald Trump. “He is narcissistic to the last degree and he always wants to be right, and he does not listen to others,” Gérard Araud said.

  • “An unpredictable president”

When he was still in office, Gérard Araud said he was called in the middle of the night on November 13, 2018 after a series of aggressive Donald Trump tweets against France.

“I was woken up from Paris to ask what to do after these aggressive tweets against France,” said the former ambassador, “I replied: ‘do not answer, it’s American domestic politics, and as the character has no limit, he will do more, and you will not be able to follow him. “He will always have the last word and not follow him.” Do not get into a quarrel with a teenager. “he continues. “It’s important to tell yourself that Donald Trump is a populist leader, he’s not a right-wing or a left-wing leader like others, he wants to do things differently.”

  • A controversial tweet about Donald Trump

Gerard Araud returned to his tweet the evening of the election of Donald Trump. “A world is collapsing before our eyes,” he wrote. A message on social networks he regrets today, “even if I had very quickly erased,” he recalls. The former French ambassador says it was not a criticism of Donald Trump. “I realized that after Brexit, the populist crisis in Western democracies was obviously much more serious and serious than we thought.”

“It was a mistake on my part about the substance, not the substance,” he continues, “but that did not have the slightest resonance in the United States.” Gérard Araud says he has not received any comments from the White House. “It was a typical Franco-French debate, and nobody called me from Paris to ask me what I meant,” the former ambassador said.

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