Haiti firing near the US embassy in Port-au-Prince

Haiti: firing near the US embassy in Port-au-Prince


The United States Embassy in Haiti reported Monday that gunshots were fired near its building in Port-au-Prince, an incident that quickly ended.

The US State Department said in an alert to travelers that these shots were heard at “the rear entrance of the embassy”, whose staff took refuge inside.

“If you go to the embassy, ​​find a safe place to shelter,” the State Department wrote on Twitter, before announcing two hours later that the situation was “back in order.”

Its officials have not in the meantime brought more details.

Haiti, one of the poorest countries on the planet, was in February the scene of violent demonstrations, thousands of Haitians taking to the streets to demand better living conditions and the departure of the head of state Jovenel Moïse .

The latter confirmed in early April to his position the interim Prime Minister Jean-Michel Lapin, responsible in particular to tackle the problems of insecurity in the capital.

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