Haiti two dead on the sidelines of protests in Port-au-Prince

Haiti: two dead on the sidelines of protests in Port-au-Prince


A protester was shot dead and his attacker was lynched by the angry mob in Port-au-Prince. A man was shot dead and another lynched Sunday in Port-au-Prince, capital of Haiti, on the sidelines of demonstrations by police demanding better salaries and political opponents demanding the resignation of President Jovenel Moise.

“An unidentified individual was shot dead, the angry population set fire to his attacker,” the Haitian police said in a statement Sunday night.

Several police officers demonstrating in plain clothes fired in the air while crossing the procession of political opponents. Large bursts were later fired by unidentified individuals, an AFP journalist said.

As a result of these incidents, businesses were set on fire and burning tires were placed in front of the Canadian embassy entrance, without causing major damage, AFP reported.

The Canadian diplomatic mission, which was on the course, is accused, like other Western diplomatic missions in Haiti, of supporting President Moïse.

Closing of the French consular section
On Twitter, the Canadian and French embassies in Haiti announced the closure of their consular sections on Monday. “These shootings, murders, arson, and destruction are hurting Haitian citizens, but they also increase economic and social instability,” the US Embassy tweeted.

Prior to these disturbances, several hundred police and Haitians in solidarity with their demands have demonstrated for better wages for the police, before bringing their claims to the headquarters of the General Directorate of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) .

“Our wages are miserable. We do not have insurance: we have an insurance card but at each hospital where we go, we must pay, “said an officer on condition of anonymity. For two months, demonstrations are regularly organized in the Haitian capital to demand the resignation of the president.

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