How Iran can respond to US sanctions

How Iran can respond to US sanctions ?


Iran says it can bypass US sanctions with “pride”. With new sanctions on oil and finance, Donald Trump hopes to bend the regime of Tehran.

New US oil and financial sanctions against Iran come into effect on Monday. This realization of the withdrawal of Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal, announced by Donald Trump in May, aims to bend Iran and “force the Iranian regime to change its behavior.”

“Iran is bad,” said the US president Sunday. “When I took office just before, we thought that Iran would dominate the whole Middle East, or would do it in less than a few years, very quickly. No one talks about it today, “he added.

The first sanctions imposed by Washington have already brought down the Iranian currency, with direct effects on the products of first consumption. This new salvo is very likely to amplify the problems for the population. The Research Center of the Iranian Parliament predicts that the country’s GDP will fall 0.8% in 2018 and 2.5% in 2019.

Isolate the United States
Paradoxically, the Tehran regime could use it to emerge reinforced. On his Twitter account, the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has accused Donald Trump of “discrediting what was left of the prestige of the United States and democracy.” He also said that “the power to compel the US, using its economic and military power is also declining.”

“The dispute between the United States and Iran has lasted 40 years, and the United States has acted against us. But in this dispute, the losers are the United States and the winner is the Islamic Republic, “said Ali Khamenei.

The Tehran regime claims that US sanctions are a violation of the nuclear deal and UN resolutions, as well as “a disregard for human, moral and ethical values.”

In passing, Iran is trying to sow division in the Western camp by hailing the position of Europeans, even if companies have been forced to leave the country. The European Union is looking for a mechanism to continue to supply oil to Iran to preserve the nuclear agreements.

Ways to get around the penalties
In the face of US sanctions, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani also challenged Donald Trump. “I am announcing that we will proudly bypass your illegal and unjust sanctions as they go against international law,” he said in a televised speech.

Eight countries already benefit from an exemption to supply Iranian oil, including China, India, South Korea and Japan. The faucets are far from completely closed. Moreover, the United States does not have an interest in seeing the price of oil soar, otherwise it risks jeopardizing its own growth.

Iran is able to set up smuggling circuits, shell companies. According to experts, oil tankers already cut their transponders in order not to be spotted, satellite tracking being very difficult …

Tehran multiplies the feet of the nose. Defense Minister General Amir Hatami announced Saturday the launch of the production of a fighter jet, Kowsar. He described it as the “symbol of the struggle against global arrogance and the symbol of our defense against the excessive demands of the imperial system headed by the great Satan, the United States.” The Iranian device is largely inspired by the American F-5 manufactured since the 1950s by Northrop-Grumman …

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