I love Tiffany, assured Donald Trump, accused of keeping away from his daughter

“I love Tiffany,” assured Donald Trump, accused of keeping away from his daughter


On Friday, Donald Trump reacted to the revelations made by his former personal assistant, who resigned after these indiscreet confidences.

No misunderstanding between Trump’s children and their father. Thursday, Madeleine Westerhout, the personal assistant of Donald Trump, suddenly left his post after delivering some private confidences to journalists, especially about the daughters of the billionaire. According to Politico’s revelations, the young woman boasted of being “closer” to the US president than her daughters, including Ivanka Trump, who works at the White House. The harshest comments were about Tiffany, born from her second marriage with Marla Maples, whom he could not “recognize in the crowd” and would find “overweight”, even refusing to take pictures with the young person. wife. Friday, leaving the White House to go to Camp-David, the US president denied the statements reported by the press, described as “absolutely false”, and assured: “She is a great person, she works a lot and she’s a good student, she’s a great person, “he said, promising that he would call his daughter as soon as he arrived. “I can not wait to talk to him, I love Tiffany and he’s a great person,” he added.

  • “Tiffany has been described as the” forgotten Trump “.

The relationship between Donald and Tiffany Trump has sometimes mocked: the young woman grew up away from her New York father, raised by her mother in California, but she has recently moved closer to him since joining the company. Georgetown Law School, a renowned Washington University -where his big sister also studied for two years. Shortly after his election in 2016, Donald Trump himself made a difference between his children on Fox News: “I’m very proud because Don and Eric and Ivanka and, you know, a little less, because that she has just graduated from school, from college, from Tiffany, who was also great. They work very hard. “Tiffany has been described as the “forgotten” Trump, which is a strange type of notoriety, “wrote Vanity Fair in 2017, citing Tiffany’s relationship with Ivanka Trump. The latter considered as the “favorite” of his father, said “very close” to his little sister.

The young woman, who turns 26 in October, rarely appears alongside her father and is often placed at a distance, but made the trip during the US president’s state visit to London last June. Unlike her elders, Tiffany Trump did not take part in official visits, sharing pictures of organized dinners.

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