Impeachment These US Diplomats SMS Could Cost Trump

Impeachment: These US Diplomats SMS Could Cost Trump


Published messages show the insistence with which Washington tried to convince the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden’s son.

For two weeks, Donald Trump has repeated that there was “no pressure or quid pro quo,” and that his conversation with the Ukrainian president was “perfect”. But text messages from US diplomats in Ukraine made public late Thursday as part of the impeachment investigation launched by the Democrats seem to contradict the claims of the White House. To shed light, the Democrats Friday issued an official injunction ordering the White House to deliver documents related to the Ukrainian case by October 18.

The first SMS was sent by Kurt Voler, the US Special Envoy for Ukraine to an adviser to the Ukrainian President in July, just before the US President’s phone call:

“Heard of the White House. If President Z convinces Trump that he will investigate, find out what happened in 2016, we will find a date for a visit to Washington. Good luck ! “.

“What happened in 2016” is a priori reference to Donald Trump’s request to investigate the security firm Crowdstrike. This is a theory of the conspiracy regularly advanced by the US president, according to which the piracy of the servers of the Democratic Party was not realized by Russia but by Ukraine, and that Crowdstrike would have covered. This is one of the arguments put forward by White House tenant supporters to discredit Robert Mueller’s investigation, even though all US intelligence agencies have named Russia as responsible, even tracing certain IP addresses up to ‘to a Russian military intelligence building.

“The madness to suspend help”

The other message was sent by a US diplomat to Ukraine to the US ambassador to the European Union:

“As I said on the phone, I think it’s crazy to suspend security assistance in return for a political campaign. “

This is the personal interpretation of the diplomat, who considers that the $ 400 million freeze of US aid to Ukraine a few weeks before the phone call was a way to put pressure on Kyiv – what Donald Trump denies.

“Terrible”, according to Mitt Romney
After these new revelations, Republican Senator Mitt Romney, who is considered one of the elected officials who could support a Democratic impeachment, reacted on Twitter: “In all appearances, the US President’s shameful and unprecedented calls for Ukraine and China to investigate Joe Biden are unacceptable and appalling. When the only individual that President Trump targets is a political opponent in full Democratic nomination, one has to be credulous to believe that it is not about politics. ”

Donald Trump, was combative on Friday, leaving doubt about his cooperation with the Congress in his investigations. “I do not know, it will depend on the lawyers,” he said about sending to Congress the documents Democrats are demanding. If he does not comply, the opposition has threatened to force him to do so by a solemn injunction on Friday.

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