In Russia Kim Jong-un denounces the bad faith of Americans

In Russia, Kim Jong-un denounces the “bad faith” of Americans


Kim Jong-un criticized the United States in an interview with Vladimir Putin on Thursday. The North Korean leader had come to seek Russian support in his standoff against Washington.

“The United States has adopted a unilateral attitude of bad faith.” Kim Jong-un told Russian President Vladimir Putin during their joint summit in Vladivostok on Thursday. He did not hesitate to criticize the role of the United States in the failure of negotiations with Donald Trump in Hanoi. “The situation in the peninsula and in the region is at a dead end and has reached a critical point. It could return to its original state, given that the United States adopted a unilateral attitude of bad faith during the recent second summit between the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the United States, “reported Friday. North Korean news agency KCNA, citing Kim Jong-un. The North Korean leader added that peace and security on the Korean peninsula depended entirely on the attitude of the United States. Korea “will prepare for all possible situations,” he warned.

In Hanoi, the second Trump-Kim summit ended in a bitter failure for US diplomacy, leaving it empty-handed. North Korea sought immediate relief from international sanctions to force it to give up its atomic weapons, which had been denied by the United States. Even though the two leaders had left each other cordially, this failure put a chill on their relationship. The two men, however, had a dramatic relaxation of their relationship since 2018.

Kim Jong-un no longer wants to negotiate with Mike Pompeo
Sign of the hardening of the tone of Kim Jong-un, his violent charge against Mike Pompeo last week. He demanded that the US Secretary of State no longer participate in the talks on denuclearization. He holds Pompeo accountable for the Hanoi fiasco accusing him, along with National Security Adviser John Bolton, of installing a “bad” atmosphere. “I am afraid that if Mike Pompeo is still involved in the discussions, the atmosphere will be bad and the discussions will get bogged down again,” said the director general of the US Affairs Department at the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kwon Jong. Gun, last week.

North Koreans want a “more cautious and mature in their communication” interlocutor. A few hours before the announcement, Pyongyang said he had overseen the testing of a new “guided tactical weapon” with a “powerful warhead.” This new affront to Donald Trump, after the reconstruction of the Sohae rocket launch site, could again complicate future negotiations. “It’s going to be hectic. It will be difficult, “responded Mike Pompeo in an interview with CBS after Pyongyang’s attacks on him.

In this context, Kim Jong-un came to Russia for support on Thursday in Vladivostok during his first summit with Vladimir Putin. The latter was also more than satisfied at the end of their meeting. “I’m happy with the result: Kim Jong-un is a fairly open person, ready to talk about anything,” Vladimir Putin said. The Korean leader described the interview as “open and friendly” and invited the Kremlin leader to visit him in his country. However, Russia has remained clear of the relaxation observed on the Korean peninsula since early 2018 despite repeated invitations of Vladimir Putin. Pyongyang is now looking for partners against the United States and is trying to reconnect with his former ally of the Cold War. The Russian president said he was in favor of “total denuclearization” and lifting of international sanctions. Statements received coldly by the United States, who accused Russia of helping Pyongyang to get around them.

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