In the United States, the Mueller report is already a bestseller

In the United States, the Mueller report is already a bestseller


Several US publishers have managed to get out of printed or audio versions of the Russian investigating report interference in the 2016 campaign, made public last Thursday.
Americans are passionate about the report of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, the result of his long investigation into the Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential campaign that brought Donald Trump to the White House.

Four days after it was made public, three books containing the report, redacted from its confidential data, appeared Monday among the first five book sales on the Amazon US site.

Leading the sales, the version of the publisher Scribner, in collaboration with the Washington Post, was pulled to 350,000 copies, according to a spokesman for Simon & Schuster, home of the publisher. He did not want to communicate the number of pre-orders or digital copies. The book is 736 pages, including preface and commentary by two Washington Post journalists, Rosalind Helderman and Matt Zapotosky.

An audio version recorded in three days

An audio version was also available on Monday. In order for it to be completed in a few days, Simon & Schuster mobilized 16 narrators, including four Post journalists. All were recorded simultaneously.

“We started working the minute the report was published and continued uninterrupted for two days and two nights,” says Lauren Pires, Marketing Manager at Simon & Schuster Audio.

Another print version of the report, published by the Skyhorse publishing company, was Monday in second place of sales on Amazon US. And a third, published by Melville House and printed at 200,000 copies, came in fifth place.

The political book is a recipe

The public interest in the Mueller report is part of a buoyant trend for the political book since the presidential election of 2016. Several books have exceeded the million copies sold, a threshold usually considered exceptional for a book policy.

In the past, official documents have already been successful publishing, including the “Pentagon Papers”, a secret report of the US Administration on the Vietnam War, which has sold more than a million copies in 1971.

The Mueller report concluded that there was no agreement between the members of the Trump team and Russia, despite many contacts. In the document, the special prosecutor highlights the US president’s many attempts to derail his investigation.

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