India continues deportations from Rohingya to Burma

India continues deportations of Rohingya to Burma


Five Rohingyas from the same family were expelled Thursday from India to neighboring Burma, the second group of this type expelled in four months as part of the crackdown on illegal immigration.

The ruling Hindu nationalist government in India regards the Rohingyas, a stateless Muslim minority living mainly in Burma, as illegal aliens endangering security.

He ordered that the more than 40,000 members of the community living in India, often in very precarious conditions, be identified and deported. A first group of seven Rohingyas were repatriated to Burma in October.

The Rohingyas have arrived in India over the years, fleeing violence and persecution in Burma, which generally does not recognize them as its nationals.

Both parents and three children expelled on Thursday had been arrested and jailed in Assam State (north-east India) in 2014 for entering without valid papers, according to Indian police.

There are still 20 Burmese nationals in Assam prisons, all arrested for illegal entry, says Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta, Assistant Director General of the Assam police. He did not say whether these people were all Rohingyas. But, he added, they will be returned to Burma once all the necessary documents have been obtained.

Security forces at the Indian border arrested 230 Rohingyas last year, according to the latest figures at the end of November, the largest number of arrests in at least four years, said Tuesday. Ministry of Internal Affairs in Parliament.

A UN report released in August accuses the Burmese army of murdering and raping members of the Rohingya minority in 2017 with “genocidal intent” as part of an operation that has pushed more than 700,000 of them to flee to neighboring Bangladesh.

Burma denies these accusations. She says her army launched a counter-offensive operation after attacks by Muslim fighters on security posts in August 2017.

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