Indonesia: 20 years in prison against Frenchman Felix Dorfin

Indonesia: 20 years in prison against Frenchman Felix Dorfin


Indonesian prosecutors have sought a 20-year prison sentence against Felix Dorfin, who was arrested last September with four kilos of drugs. A crime punishable by the death penalty in Indonesia.

Cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamines. Four kilos of drugs were found in the double bottom of the suitcase of Felix Dorfin last September at the Indonesian airport of Lombok, near Bali. In prison since then, the French is awaiting his judgment. Ginung Pratidina, the main prosecutor in this trial, said on Monday (April 29th) that it had been proved “legally and convincingly” that Felix Dorfin, tried in Mataram, the largest city of Lombok, was guilty. He ordered twenty years of deprivation of liberty and a fine of Rs. 10 billion ($ 700,000) or, if not, one year’s imprisonment.

One of the strictest anti-narcotics legislation in the world

According to the director of the narcotics police in the West Nusa Tenggara region – one of Indonesia’s provinces – “the suspect brought the drugs directly from France. He passed through Germany and then Singapore. Then in Lombok he had to transfer them to someone “. But this country in Southeast Asia has one of the most stringent anti-narcotics legislation in the world.

The trial of Felix Dorfin was opened on March 4th. The Mataram court had three charges against him: “We accuse him of possession of drugs, bringing drugs to Indonesia from abroad and drug trafficking”. The French always runs the risk of being sentenced to death and being shot accordingly. The date on which the judgment will be rendered has not yet been fixed.

“20 years in prison is too hard,” the defendant responded to his court-appointed lawyer Deny Nur Indra. The latter spoke at the trial on Monday, March 11, contesting that his client is “a courier” responsible for delivering narcotics. “We are asking the court not to say that his case is serious and therefore he deserves the death penalty,” he said. The latter also pointed out that Felix Dorfin was suffering from psychological problems and asked for his release: “We ask that he be released, but we will let the judge decide”.

Two Frenchmen already in detention for drug trafficking

Presented as a “professional courier” by the Indonesian authorities, Félix Dorfin, 35 years old and originally from Béthune in the Hauts-de-France, traveled regularly in Southeast Asia. In detention since last September, he managed to escape from the police detention center on the night of 20 to 21 January. Wanted for eleven days he was finally spotted while hiding in a forest on the north of Lombok Island. He even tried to bribe police officers to convince them to let him go.

His case is not isolated. Two French nationals are currently serving long prison sentences for drug trafficking in Indonesia: Gérard Debetz, sentenced to life imprisonment in 2011, and Serge Atlaoui, sentenced to death in 2007 and still in prison. Returning to France last July, the Frenchman Michael Blanc was arrested in Bali in 1999 for possession of drugs. He remained in prison for nineteen years, then under house arrest.

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