Iran calls neighbors to unite to "push back Zionism"

Iran calls neighbors to unite to “push back Zionism”


Iran on Thursday called on its neighbors to unite to “drive back Zionism” and “rid” the Middle East and Central Asia of the “aggressors”, which Israel (
Zionism) and the United States are in his eyes.

“The nations of the region have lived side by side for centuries without ever having a problem,” Iranian President Hassan Rohani said in a speech to Tehran on the occasion of Army Day.

“Iran’s armed forces will never be against you or your national interests, we are armed against the aggressors,” the president said, addressing “the peoples of the region, the neighboring countries and the Muslim nations. “.

The “roots” of the “problem in the region today” are “the arrogance of America or Zionism,” Rohani added.

“Let’s get up, let’s unite and rid the region of the presence of the aggressor,” he added, surrounded by general officers, from a stand at the opening of a military parade.

“Reject Zionism, which has been engaged in committing crimes in the region for the last 70 years, and give back to the nation of Palestine its historical rights by helping one another and by acting in fraternity, the final victory will undoubtedly be that of the virtuous.” still said Mr. Rohani.

  • “Cancerous tumor” –

The Islamic Republic of Iran is the number one public enemy of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

It is also the bane of the US government President Donald Trump, accusing Tehran of being a state “sponsor of terrorism.”

Trump unilaterally withdrew the United States in 2018 from Iran’s international nuclear deal, which allowed Tehran to break out of international isolation, and re-imposed a range of economic sanctions on Tehran.

Iran’s open hostility to Israel has been a constant in Iranian politics since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and Tehran openly supports Palestinian armed groups such as Hamas or Islamic Jihad, as well as the Lebanese Hezbollah, Israel’s enemy. at its northern border.

In June 2018, Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, reaffirmed Tehran’s old “position” that Israel is for the Middle East “a malignant cancerous tumor that must be removed and eradicated”.

While some Iranian generals regularly claim to want the destruction of Israel, or have the capacity to annihilate the city of Tel Aviv, the official speech is usually careful to make it clear that the Jewish state will cease to exist (by 2040 according to a prophecy of Mr. Khamenei) because of his own “arrogance” and not because of an attack on Iran.

  • Iranian hunter –

State television broadcast live footage of the first public flight of “Kowsar”, the first fighter jet designed and manufactured in Iran, which was unveiled in August.

The aircraft did not just pass in a straight line but made a loop by tilting its wings to the right and left over the infantry marching past the stand, allowing officials to admire it from every angle .

The plane was followed by a few dozen US-made helicopters (Bell, Cobra, Chinook), remnants of the Chah Army.

The army also introduced its anti-aircraft missiles S-200 (Iran’s upgraded version of the Soviet system bought during the 1980s) as well as Zelzal, short-range missiles (400 km).

Long-range Iranian ballistic missiles, which worried Israel, Westerners and US allies in the region, such as Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates, were not released Thursday.

These rockets were developed by the Guardians of the Revolution, ideological army of the Islamic Republic, functioning as a body parallel to the national army, which was alone to parade.

Present in Syria and in Iraq, at the invitation of the authorities of these two countries, in the name of the “fight against terrorism” jihadist, the Guardians appear since April 8 on the “list of foreign terrorist organizations” American.

Their presence in Syria, a country neighboring Israel, is perceived by Mr. Netanyahu as an existential threat to the Jewish state.

Israel has announced that it has carried out hundreds of strikes in Syria, including against Iranian forces, and vowed that it will never allow their long-term settlement in that country.

Describing “insulting” the Guardians’ blacklisting of the US State Department, Rohani once again accused Washington of supporting the “terrorists” he believes are working in the country’s close geographical environment. ‘Iran.

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