Iran strikes "terrorist" camp in Syria after Ahvaz bombing

Iran strikes “terrorist” camp in Syria after Ahvaz bombing


Iran : According to the Iranian news agency Fars, two types of missiles were fired in retaliation for the attack on the Iranian city of Ahvaz.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards announced on Monday, October 1 in the morning, to have attacked with a “ballistic missile” a “headquarters” of “terrorists” in Syria in retaliation for the attack on 21 September the Iranian city of Ahvaz.
“Ahvaz terrorist headquarters were attacked a few minutes ago east of the Euphrates by several ballistic missiles, fired by the aerospace branch of the guards of the revolution,” writes the ideological army of the Islamic Republic on its official website.

“According to preliminary reports, many takfiri terrorists and the leaders responsible for Ahvaz’s terrorist crime have been killed or wounded in this missile attack,” the guards added. They do not specify from where the rockets were launched.


The term takfiri is used by the Iranian authorities to refer to Sunni jihadists. It derives from the Arabic word takfir (anathema), a charge used by these extremists as justification for violence against those whom they consider to be ungodly.

According to the Iranian press agency Fars, close to the conservatives, two types of missiles were used by the guards: Zolfaghar (with a range of 750 km) and Qiam (800 km).

On 22 September, 24 people were shot dead by a commando of five people who fired automatic weapons at a military parade in Ahvaz in southwestern Iran.

The attack was claimed by the Islamic State (IS) organization, against which Iran is engaged in Syria alongside the authorities of Damascus. On the very day of the attack, Iranian President Hassan Rohani promised that she would be avenged by a “terrible” response.

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