Iran US sanctions fall under economic terrorism

Iran: US sanctions fall under “economic terrorism”


“unjust” US sanctions against Iran are “economic terrorism”, said Saturday President Hassan Rohani at a regional conference in Tehran.

“Unjust and illegal US sanctions against (…) Iran are a clear example of terrorism,” said Rohani, whose talk was broadcast on television.

The Iranian president was speaking at a conference on the fight against “terrorism” in which the presidents of the parliaments of Afghanistan, China, Pakistan, Russia and Turkey are participating.

“Economic terrorism aims to create panic in a country’s economy and scare other states” to prevent them from investing in the country targeted by the sanctions, Rohani added.

“We are facing a global assault that not only threatens our independence and identity but also seeks to break our longstanding relationship” with other countries, he said.

The United States, enemies of Iran, unilaterally left in May the agreement on Iran nuclear, concluded in 2015 in Vienna between Tehran and several great powers.

The administration of Donald Trump has subsequently reinstated US sanctions, including against the energy sector.

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