Iran-USA at the UN, the suspense of a Trump-Rohani meeting

Iran-USA: at the UN, the suspense of a Trump-Rohani meeting


While Macron, Merkel, and Johnson point to Iran’s responsibility in attacking a Saudi oil site, the suspense remains about an interview between Trump and his Iranian counterpart.

In the cramped room of the French UN delegation, Germany’s Angela Merkel and Briton Boris Johnson have just met with Emmanuel Macron. Quickly, a statement is prepared by the European diplomats on the air attacks perpetrated on September 14th against the Saudi oil site of Abqaïq.

“It is clear that Iran bears the responsibility for this attack. There is no other possible explanation, “assure the three leaders black and white. “It’s a step that shows that there is clarity, says the head of state at the end of this meeting three. We have taken our responsibility by remaining in the JCPOA (note: the Iranian nuclear deal that the Americans have left), and we expect everyone to be clear and ensure the security of the region. Everyone is called to resume negotiations. A pressure stroke on the regime of the mullahs, a few hours of an interview between the French and his Persian counterpart, Hassan Rohani.

It will take place on the 28th floor of the Millenium Hotel, riddled with Secret Service agents. It is necessary to show paw to access the small room of this high-grade dramaturgical meeting, where American, Iranian and French security officers rub shoulders on thick carpets, in a climate as heavy as incongruous. The weather stretches, the interview lasts nearly an hour and a half. At the end of the meeting, the few journalists present on site are allowed to immortalize the moment, in silence.

  • The American president blows hot and cold.

The faces of the main protagonists of this piece are indecipherable. The comment of the Elysee on the content of trade, terse: “The President said that in the current situation, the path of de-escalation was narrow but more than ever necessary and that the time has come for Iran to take it. The president said it was now urgent to advance on the basics posed in Biarritz and start the discussion on a security agenda in the region. A head-to-head between Trump and Macron is expected to take place on Tuesday as the head of state leaves the United States next night.

In the meantime, at the United Nations, the suspense continues. Will the French mediation attempt be successful? Will the meeting between American Trump and his counterpart Rohani take place? The billionaire seemed to be blowing hot and cold Monday. “We have nothing planned at this stage,” said the businessman at the head of the world’s leading power before adding, “I never exclude anything. Emmanuel Macron had said – cautiously – when he arrived in New York. “Something can happen …”

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