Iraq US bombarded an island infested by Daesh

Iraq: US bombarded an island “infested” by Daesh


Thirty-six tons of bombs were dropped Tuesday by the US military on the island of Qanus, in the north of the country.

The US military on Tuesday released a video in which it bombs Qanus Island, Iraq, in the province of Salah al-Din. On the images posted on Twitter, we can see many bombs explode on this small tongue of land on the Tigre River in the north of the country. “This is what happens when our F-15 and F-35 drop 36 tons of bombs on an island infested by Daesh,” said a spokesman for the US operation in Iraq and Syria on the social network.

Officially, this strike will allow the Iraqi coalition and anti-terrorist services to defeat ISIS in this area. “The island is known to be a transit center and a safe haven for Daesh,” USAFCENT, the United States Air Force, said in a statement. “The coalition has rigorous targeting standards and is making extraordinary efforts to protect non-combatants,” it added. According to American media, no civilian lived in the area, although no official report was published.

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