Israel announces successful testing of long-range missile defense system

Israel announces successful testing of long-range missile defense system


Israel said it had conducted a successful test of the Arrow 3 missile defense system jointly developed by the two countries on Tuesday with the United States.

The test of the system, supposed to intercept gears above the atmosphere with a range that could go up to 2,400 km, was conducted in a context of tensions with Iran.

The Israeli army struck in the night from Sunday to Monday what it presented as Iranian targets in Syria’s neighbor, in response to a medium-range Iranian ground-to-ground missile fire on Sunday.

Arrow 3, the top level of the Israeli missile defense system, is intended to counter long-range missiles. But the Islamic Republic’s ballistic activities are a deep concern of Israel, the United States and the international community.

Arrow 3 has been designed to cope with the growing capabilities of regional opponents such as Iran, says a dedicated CSIS think-tank program (Center for Strategic and International Studies).

Arrow 3 is already deployed and has been successfully tested in the past, according to Israel.

During a test conducted in central Israel on Tuesday, a target was launched and spotted by the weapons system radars, whose data were transmitted to a control center, said the Ministry of Defense in a statement.

“At the right time, the Arrow 3 interceptor was launched towards the target and successfully fulfilled its mission,” the ministry reported.

“The success of this test is a major milestone in Israel’s operational capabilities and its ability to defend against present and future regional threats,” he said.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Israel Aerospace Industries plant in Beer Ya’akov (center), where the system is produced, and received a report on the test in the morning.

“The enemies who seek our destruction will know that the fist of Israel will strike those who want to harm us and that we will settle their account,” he said, without specifying any of these enemies.

Israel “has the defensive and offensive means among the strongest and most developed in the world,” he said.

Co-funded by the United States, the Arrow system was designed and built by Israeli Aerospace Industries in partnership with the American Boeing.

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