Israel approves construction of 2,300 housing units in settlements

Israel approved construction of 2,300 housing units in settlements


Israel has approved the construction of more than 2,300 housing units in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank, the latest support for these controversial homes in full swing since Donald Trump’s arrival in the White House.

A planning committee at the Israeli Ministry of Defense has approved the construction of these homes in recent days, said on Tuesday the NGO Peace Now in a statement.

The complex process of housing approval in settlements comes in several stages. Israeli authorities have approved the construction of 2,304 units, of which 1,466 remain in the first phase of approval, the NGO said.

“The green light to these settlements is part of a disastrous government policy whose aim is to hinder the possibility of a two-state peace and solution by annexing part or all of the West Bank,” he said. commented on the NGO which opposes the development of settlements.

The two-state solution provides for the establishment and recognition of a Palestinian state alongside Israel.

But the rise of the settlements – which today number more than 600,000 Israelis leading an often conflictual coexistence with three million Palestinians – could complicate the establishment of a Palestinian state.

While Israel’s colonization of the occupied West Bank and annexed East Jerusalem has continued under all Israeli governments since 1967, it has accelerated in recent years under the leadership of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his ally in Washington. , Donald Trump.

The US president has shifted his regional policy to Israel, recognizing Jerusalem – claimed by Israelis and Palestinians – as the capital of the Jewish state while cutting funds for the Palestinians.

At the same time, President Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is trying to rally the powers of the region in his plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, an initiative that Palestinians have rejected outright as the current pro-Israel administration.

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Kushner visited the region again last week, including in Israel to talk with the Israeli prime minister, who has pledged in recent months not to dismantle or even annex settlements.

A message to the settlers, who have a strong influence on the political game, and whose support could be crucial in the parliamentary elections in September.

Last week, the Israeli authorities had already approved the construction of 6,000 homes for Israelis, but also 700 for Palestinians in the “Zone C” area of ​​the West Bank under Israeli control and where settlements are located.

It was unclear on Tuesday night whether some of the 2,300 new constructions approved in settlements in the West Bank had already been included in last week’s plan.

All settlements in the West Bank are considered illegal under international law, which Israel calls into question. The Hebrew State makes a difference between the colonies it approves, which are therefore in its eyes legal, and those it did not approve.

But the authorities also sometimes give retroactive tickets, in this week, according to the NGO Peace Now, mentioning that three of these settlements – Givat Salit, Ibei Hanahal, and Haroeh Haivri – were finally legalized.

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