Israeli air attack near Aleppo in Syria

Israeli air attack near Aleppo in Syria


Israel carried out an air raid in northern Syria near Aleppo on Wednesday night, the official Syrian news agency reported, saying the anti-aircraft defense had repelled the attack.

Israeli strikes touched “ammunition depots belonging to Iranian forces and allied groups” operating in support of the Syrian regime, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (OSDH), which reported seven people killed, warehouse guards.

They would be neither Syrian nor Iranian, according to the same source. “Five fighters” were also wounded, said the OSDH which has an extensive network of sources in Syria at war.

According to a military source quoted by Sana, “the air defense of the army repulsed an Israeli air attack aimed at installations in the industrial area of ​​Sheikh Najjar, northeast of Aleppo, and destroyed a number of missiles” .

The official news agency does not report death but evokes “material damage”.

Aleppo residents told AFP that the bombing had caused a general power outage in their city. The power supply was gradually restored in the hours that followed.

Questioned by AFP, an Israeli military spokesman merely stated: “We do not comment on foreign press information”.

Demonstrations took place on Thursday in Damascus and Aleppo to protest the Israeli attack, according to Sana.

This is the first Israeli bombardment since US President Donald Trump announced the United States’ recognition of Israeli sovereignty over part of the Syrian Golan Heights.

Israel conquered this part of the Golan in 1967 and annexed it in 1981. But the international community regards this occupation as illegal as well as the annexation that followed.

On Wednesday, the United States tried to defend its decision in the UN Security Council but their 14 partners condemned the recognition of Israeli sovereignty at an emergency meeting at the request of Syria.

Israel has always stated its intention to continue targeting the positions held by Iran, which supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, or by his Lebanese ally Hezbollah in Syria.

In January, Israel struck Iran’s positions in Syria after intercepting a rocket fired from that country. According to the OSDH, 21 people, mainly Iranians, had been killed in these attacks.

Syria is ravaged by a war that erupted in 2011 and left more than 370,000 dead. The regime is supported by Russia, Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah.

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