Israeli police evacuate settlers living in Amona

Israeli police evacuate settlers living in Amona


Israeli paramilitary police on Thursday chased several dozen Jewish settlers who had settled on the site of the outpost of Amona, evacuated two years ago in the West Bank.

At least 23 policemen were injured by stones thrown by settlers, mostly teenagers, or in clashes with protesters, the police said. At least three settlers were also wounded, according to Israeli media reports. At least seven people were arrested for violence against police, the police said.

The operation, which lasted several hours, was conducted the day after a Jerusalem District Court rejected a petition filed by the settlers to challenge their deportation.

Two caravans were set up last month in Amona in protest against a series of Palestinian attacks in the West Bank.

Two years ago, some 300 settlers were evacuated from Amona, an outpost illegally built in 1995 on Palestinian land, according to the Israeli Supreme Court.

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