Israeli settlements in the West Bank: AirBnB, it's over

Israeli settlements in the West Bank: AirBnB, it’s over


Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank will no longer be able to use AirBnB. The online housing booking platform decided to withdraw the 200 offers it offered in Jewish settlements.

A positive first step for the Palestinians, a pitiful capitulation for Israel

It is by way of a statement that the American company has announced its decision to withdraw from the settlements that are “at the heart of the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians”, and it is aware of continuing to provoke controversy .

The mayor of the Jewish settlement of Efrat, Oded Revivi, deplores this decision, which he says is similar to anti-Semitism:

“It’s unfortunate because the idea behind AirBnB was to allow people to meet others in their places of life, to better understand their environment, their needs and maybe better understand their dreams.” will move people away from each other. ”

AirBnB had been working for two years with the NGO Human Rights Watch on these illegal leases from the point of view of international human rights law. The NGO threatened to make a report today mentioning it among the companies profiting from the Israeli occupation.

It should be known that Palestinians are prohibited in these settlements established since the occupation of Israel in 1967.

Israeli Tourism Minister Yariv Levin immediately denounced Airbnb’s “shameful and unfortunate” decision in a statement. “Our ministry has begun to prepare immediate measures to limit Airbnb’s activities” in Israel.

He added that he planned to launch a program to encourage short-term rental of housing in settlements in the West Bank.

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