Israeli spits on Polish ambassador in Tel Aviv

Israeli spits on Polish ambassador in Tel Aviv


A 65-year-old Israeli spat on the Polish ambassador in Tel Aviv on Tuesday, an incident condemned by the Warsaw government, which has strained relations with the Jewish state.

According to the police, the man spat on the diplomat while he was sitting in his car.

The suspect, an architect, was arrested, the police said. He was presented Wednesday to a judge who ordered his placement under house arrest until the end of the investigation, said his lawyer.

Israel’s ambassador to Poland, Anna Azari, has been summoned to the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“I am very concerned to hear that there has been a racist attack against (Marek Magierowski),” Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Twitter.

“Poland strongly condemns this act of xenophobic aggression, violence against diplomats or any other national can not be tolerated,” he added.

Relations between Israel and Poland have deteriorated in recent months as the Polish conservative and nationalist government is accused by Israel of tolerating renewed anti-Semitism in the country, which it denies.

Hundreds of far-right activists marched in Warsaw on Saturday to protest against a US law ordering the return of Jewish property confiscated during or after the Second World War.

The Polish government claims that Poland was a victim of the Second World War and is not liable for any financial obligations.

According to his lawyer, the man accused of spitting on the ambassador had just been turned away from the embassy after trying to obtain information on the return of Jewish property.

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