Ivanka Trump used her personal box to send government mails

Ivanka Trump used her personal box to send government mails


Ivanka Trump, daughter and advisor to 45th US President Donald Trump, used her personal mailbox to send e-mails about government affairs, the Washington Post reported on Monday, November 19, which evokes “hundreds” of messages. That is a violation of the rules of conservations of the federal archives in this matter.

If the daily’s investigation is confirmed, it would be very discrediting the President of the United States, who was constantly attacking Hillary Clinton for similar facts during the campaign of 2016. In detail, the Washington Post says that it was the White House Ethics Officers who were informed that she had used her personal e-mail to send and forward emails about government activity to members of the Cabinet or her assistants. A bad mania that has been exercised on “almost all year 2017”, says the newspaper.

“The find alarmed some of President Trump’s advisers, who feared his daughter’s practices were similar to Hillary Clinton’s case,” the Washington Post notes, adding that those who have looked into the case were “surprised by the volume” of the mails sent and by the carelessness of the justifications of the daughter of Donald Trump, who pleaded the ignorance of the rules.

If for the moment the explosions that can provoke these revelations are difficult to predict, these could however have serious consequences since it would be a violation of the federal laws relating to the official communications, in particular for reasons of safety.

For its part, the Trump clan claims that this story is in no way comparable to that of Hillary Clinton, who had stored his mail on a private server at home (which would not be the case of Ivanka Trump) and that the messages in question do not relate to classified cases. Defense elements that are more or less similar to those of the former candidate at the beginning of the “e-mails affair”, who had first sworn that no sensitive information had passed through her private box. What the investigation had contradicted.

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