Jeremy Hunt Denounces Trump's Disrespectful faults

Jeremy Hunt Denounces Trump’s “Disrespectful faults”


UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has reported “disrespectful and false” remarks by US President Donald Trump on the UK and Prime Minister Theresa May in a tweet. Tuesday.

“Donald Trump’s friends are speaking frankly so I’ll do it: these comments about our Prime Minister and my country are disrespectful and false,” he wrote in response to the vengeful tweets of the presidential American siege. These followed the British ambassador’s leaked diplomatic cables to Washington, which were unflattering to Donald Trump.

Mr Trump said on Tuesday “the strange ambassador the United Kingdom has sent to the United States”, who “is not a person who wraps us up, a very stupid guy”.

He also sharply criticized Theresa May. “I told Theresa May how to make an agreement but she did it in her ridiculous way – unable to make it happen – a disaster!”

On Monday, he had assured that his teams would have “no more contact” with the British diplomat, who has been posted in the US federal capital since January 2016.

But for Mr. Hunt, the British ambassador only expressed his personal opinion. American diplomats “give their private opinions (…) just like ours!”, He tweeted.

“You said that the UK / USA alliance was the largest in history and I agree …”, added Hunt, vying to become the new British prime minister .

His competitor, and former head of the British diplomacy, Boris Johnson, has failed to criticize the US president. “I myself have said some pretty critical things about how the Brexit negotiations have been conducted so far,” he said on Tuesday. that “it is very important to have a strong relationship with our most important ally”.

Last month, during his state visit to the United Kingdom, the US President had dazzled the possibility of an “extraordinary” trade deal with the British alliance, while remaining aggressive on the calendar.

In the diplomatic cables published Saturday by the Mail on Sunday, the British ambassador Kim Darroch describes the American president as “unstable” and “incompetent”.

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