Justice confirms On Twitter: Trump does not have the right to block his detractors

Justice confirms On Twitter: Trump does not have the right to block his detractors


In particular, the judges referred to the first amendment to the US Constitution.

UNITED STATES – It will be necessary to count on the discordant voices. The US justice confirmed on appeal a first decision in May 2018 in a New York court: Donald Trump does not have the right to block people, including those who criticize him, on the social network Twitter.

In their decision, the three judges noted that the American president made various types of ads on his account, concerning both the policies he leads and changes in its administration, report several American media including the Washington Post and The Hill. Advertisements with character deemed regularly official.

They state in their decision that the “first amendment does not allow an official who uses an account on social networks in an official way, to exclude people from a dialogue because they expressed opinions with which the official does not agree. ” According to the judges, this is “discrimination”.

  • His tweets, “official documents”

Moreover, in addition to asserting constitutional law, the judges also recalled that the president’s writings on Twitter were “official documents”, echoing a similar statement by Sean Spicer, a former White House spokesman.

The case was brought to court by the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University in the spring of 2018. The institute assured CBS News that some 40 people have been released by Donald Trump on Twitter since June.

The court decision comes as Donald Trump will precisely animate Thursday, July 11 a presidential summit on social networks. According to CBS, no representative of Facebook or Twitter will be present.

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