Khamenei promises never to deliver Iran to the enemy

Khamenei promises never to “deliver Iran to the enemy”


Tehran (AFP) – Supreme Iranian leader Ali Khamenei said on Thursday that he would “never” allow Iran to be handed over to its enemies as relations between the Islamic Republic and the United States are again at the lowest.

“To run the idea, in accordance with the wishes of the enemy, that there is no alternative but to indulge the enemy, is the worst betrayal vis-à-vis the Iranian nation, and that will not happen, “said Ayatollah Khamenei in a speech in Tehran broadcast by state television.

“With the help of God, as long as I’m alive and able, and with your help, I will never allow such a thing to happen,” the Iranian leader added to tens of thousands of Islamic militiamen ( “bassidjis”) gathered at the Azadi stadium.

The term “enemy” generally includes Iran for all enemies of the country and Islam, foremost among which the United States, qualified “Grand Satan” by the Iranian authorities.

Returning to the economic sanctions reinstated by the United States against Iran in August after Washington’s unilateral denunciation of the international nuclear deal on Iran, Khamenei assured that they would not come to the end of his country. , contrary to what he believes the White House.

“Our national economy can overcome sanctions, and with God’s help we will defeat them, and this defeat will mean the defeat of America and America will receive a new slap in the face of the Iranian nation,” he said. -he says.

On Wednesday, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), seized by Tehran, ordered the United States to suspend certain sanctions against Iran for imports “for humanitarian purposes.”

The Court’s decision was welcomed as a “victory” by Iran, but Washington said it had no intention of following the Hague judges’ advice by announcing an end to Iran’s “friendship treaty”. 1955 United States on the basis of which Iran had submitted its complaint to the ICJ.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has reacted to this unilateral abrogation by calling Washington “an outlaw regime.”

Iran and the United States broke off diplomatic relations in 1980.

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