Khashoggi case Macron discussed with Mohammed ben Salman on G20 sidelines

Khashoggi case: Macron discussed with Mohammed ben Salman on G20 sidelines


Emmanuel Macron reportedly spoke of the Khashoggi affair, the oil price trend and Yemen’s political situation with the Saudi Crown Prince.

Emmanuel Macron had a short discussion on Thursday with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to express the wish of Europeans “to involve international experts in the investigation” on the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi and “the need for a political solution in Yemen “, according to the French presidency.

After a meeting on the first day of the G20 with his European counterparts, “the President of the Republic went to the reception area of ​​all heads of state. He saw MBS and wished to meet him to see him and have a very frank and firm discussion with him, “said the advisers of the French head of state.

Among the topics discussed, “the willingness of Europeans on the Khashoggi case to involve international experts in the ongoing investigation and the need for a political solution in Yemen,” they said. Emmanuel Macron also “talked about the price of oil and the role that Saudi Arabia has to play in its evolution.”

“No complacency but the franchise”

Saudi media immediately posted on the Internet a video of the discussion of a few minutes between a smiling MBS and Emmanuel Macron with a rather closed face.

“He’s here, we’re not going to play hide-and-seek. There is no complacency but frankness. Things will be said, “commented the French Presidency, stating that” no other exchange is planned. ”

This is the first exchange between the two men since the announcement of the disappearance of the journalist in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

Since the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, Saudi Arabia has changed its story several times. According to the latest official version, a team of 15 agents went to Turkey to bring Khashoggi back “by force or by force” to the country, but the operation went wrong and he was brutalized and “drugged” before his body was “Dismembered”.

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