Khashoggi case pictures would show the body carried in bags

Khashoggi case: pictures would show the body carried in bags


The television channel “A Haber” broadcast footage from CCTV on Sunday and says on the basis of Turkish sources that the dismembered body of the Saudi journalist was transported in bags and suitcases.

The Turkish TV channel A-Haber released late Sunday CCTV footage showing men carrying bags in which, according to her, the dismembered body of journalist Jamal Khashoggi was killed after he was killed in the Saudi consulate of Istanbul on October 2nd.

The images, taken from CCTV, show three men carrying a total of five suitcases and two large dark bags inside the residence of the Saudi consul, located near the consulate.

No comments from the Turkish authorities

Citing Turkish sources, A Haber says that the dismembered body of Jamal Khashoggi is in these bags and suitcases. The Turkish authorities had not yet commented on these images on Monday at midday.

The Saudi editorialist criticizing Ryad’s power was killed on 2 October by a Saudi commando in his country’s consulate in Istanbul, where he had gone for administrative formalities.

After a time denied the death of the journalist, collaborator of the Washington Post, Ryad ended up explaining that he was killed during an “operation out of control” of the State, led by two officials who have been dismissed since .

But Ankara accuses the “highest levels” of the Saudi state and the Turkish and American media, as well as the CIA, suspect the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman himself for having sponsored.

Suitcases and bags brought on board a minibus

Jamal Khashoggi’s body has still not been recovered, nearly three months after his death. The Turkish authorities revealed that the body had been dismembered and removed from the consulate, but questions remain about what happened next.

A-Haber explains that the suitcases and bags shown on his images were taken aboard a minibus that was initially in front of the consulate and then went to a garage in the consul’s residence. According to A-Haber, the three men we see carrying bags and suitcases with which they enter the residence of the consul have just unloaded the minibus. This one is not itself visible on the diffused images.

The residence and the consulate were searched by the Turkish authorities in mid-October. Several other localities in Istanbul and near the city were also searched, without allowing to find the body of the journalist.

The Turkish media had reported for a while that the investigators preferred the track of a dissolution of the body in acid after its dismemberment.

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