Kim Jong-un invites Pope Francis to Pyongyang, said Seoul

Kim Jong-un invites Pope Francis to Pyongyang, said Seoul


SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has invited Pope Francis to visit Pyongyang, the South Korean presidency said on Tuesday.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in will deliver Kim Jong-un’s invitation when he is received by the pontiff during his trip to Europe next week, said at a press briefing the spokesman for the presidency in Seoul.

It was during the summit that they held in Pyongyang from 18 to 20 September that Kim Jong-un told his guest Moon Jae-in that he wanted to invite Fran├žois to North Korea, the spokesman added.

Moon Jae-in will make a European tour from 13 to 21 October, including to participate in Brussels at the 12th Asia-Europe Summit (Asem). He will also visit France, Italy and Denmark.

“President Moon will be in the Vatican on October 17 and 18 to reaffirm (…) his support for peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula,” said the spokesman for the presidency. “When he is received by Pope Francis, he will convey the message of President Kim, who is eager to receive it in Pyongyang.”

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