Launch Trump's dismissal or not? Democrats tear their hair

Launch Trump’s dismissal or not? Democrats tear their hair


“What good is plunging the country into a losing battle, less than two years from the next presidential election?” US Democrats are divided over the past few days over the political risks of President Donald Trump’s removal from office for obstruction of justice, an offense they believe is proven by the report of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

But in view of the re-election in 2020, the Republicans and the president took advantage of the fact that Robert Mueller had itself recommended not prosecuted for close ranks and try to turn the Russian page.

“This is a very difficult decision,” said Sunday the Democrat Adam Schiff, head of the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives, the lower house of Congress that the Democrats have been controlling since January.

“Maybe we’ll go that far, maybe not,” said the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, who would launch hostilities, Jerry Nadler. First, it is necessary to “evaluate all the evidence”, he said on NBC.

According to the Constitution, the “impeachment” procedure begins in the House: its elected representatives can vote an impeachment, in which case it would be up to the Senate to try the president in order to dismiss him or acquit him. But the Senate is a Republican majority …

“It is certain that an impeachment would fail if the Republican party continued to put the party before the country and support the president regardless of his ethical failings and dishonesty,” acknowledged Adam Schiff.

“What good is plunging the country in a battle lost in advance, less than two years from the next presidential election?”, Questioned many Democrats.

Discussions that have the gift of seriously annoying the first concerned. Donald Trump cracked a tweet in the night of Sunday to Monday, April 22 to accuse the Democrats to be the only culprits in this whole affair. “How to dismiss a Republican president for a crime that was committed by the Democrats?”, He exclaimed.

To date, Senator Elizabeth Warren, presidential candidate, is the main Democratic figure to have called for the launch of this procedure, but she is isolated. Only one of the other 17 candidates, Julian Castro, did it too.

Senator Cory Booker, for example, said Sunday that the time had not come, and that he wanted to first hear Robert Mueller in a parliamentary hearing. Others avoid the subject carefully.

The Mueller report is an extraordinary document, developed through more than 2,800 court applications for documents, more than 500 search warrants and about 500 witnesses interviewed, including many members of the president’s entourage (Donald Trump did not answer questions investigators only in writing).

The great paradox is that the prosecutor Mueller details on dozens of pages ten attempts to obstruct his investigations, including a lot of lies and shenanigans to mislead the press and the general public … But he did not recommend prosecution, since a sitting president can not be charged, leaving it to Congress to draw conclusions from the report.

“When did Mueller become God?” Asked Fox News on behalf of President Rudy Giuliani, who made a winning tour of several Sunday political shows.

Like him, Camp Trump carries out a selective analysis of the Mueller report. On the one hand, it rejects as frivolous the multiple incriminating evidence discovered by the investigators, but argues, on the other hand, that the special prosecutor did not conclude that a crime had been committed.

Republican unity is not complete, however. Senator Mitt Romney, a regular critic of Donald Trump, said on Friday he was “sickened by the extent and extent of dishonesty and misconduct by individuals in the highest office of the country, including the president.”

The former White House candidate was referring to the fact that the president’s entourage, including one of his sons, agreed to meet with Russians who said they had compromising information about Hillary Clinton.

“There is nothing wrong with receiving information from the Russians. It depends on where they come from, “said Rudy Giuliani on CNN. “There is no crime”. But is it moral ?, asked the journalist. “The prosecutors are not interested in morality,” said the lawyer, former mayor of New York.

A presidential advisor, Kellyanne Conway, displayed the same pragmatism: “People will remember this week as the one where he was re-elected,” she said on ABC.

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