Legislative elections In India the triumphant success of Narendra Modi

2019 Legislative elections results In India : the triumphant success of Narendra Modi


Hindu nationalists, who have been in power in India since 2014, are being hand-picked for five years. The results announced on Thursday 23 May are clear and clear: the BJP and its allies will have more than 300 seats out of 542 in the new Chamber of Deputies.

The Congress Party has missed its bet. In 2014, when the “Modi wave” was over, the formation of the Gandhi family learned that it was about 9:30 am local time (6am in France) that it would stay in opposition for another five years. After the counting operations that began in the early morning, it did not even get, with its allies, 90 seats in the new Lok Sabha, the lower house of the federal parliament, out of a total of 542. The People’s Party BJP and its own partners, who have been in power for five years, “are close to the 350-seat mark”, ensuring a very comfortable majority, notes the Hindustan Times, which was the first to note that the BJP once again wins “the absolute majority all by itself”, with 301 seats, or twenty more than five years ago.

The camp of the Hindu nationalists thus wins a triumphant success. It sees its positions of the previous legislature confirmed, while the opposition parties have clearly not convinced the 900 million voters called to the polls (67% of them finally voted) of their ability to embody an alternative credible policy. Despite a record level of unemployment, a rural world in great suffering.

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