Libya: Libyan National Army Haftar Kills Government Fighter

Libya: Libyan National Army Haftar Kills Government Fighter


Libya: The Libyan National Army (NLA) of warlord Khalifa Haftar said on Tuesday that he shot down a fighter plane of the UN-recognized Libyan government of national unity south of Tripoli.

The ANL press service broadcast photos of a man receiving medical care and introduced him as the pilot of the aircraft.

In a video posted on a social network and authenticated by a source within the ANL, the man who is asked his name seems to answer that his name is Jimmy Rees but the answer is not clear.

Speaking in English, he adds that he is 29 years old and comes from Portugal.

“I was asked to destroy roads and bridges,” he admits when asked about the reasons for his presence in Libya.

A spokesman for the Portuguese Ministry of Defense said: “For now, what we can say is that it is not a Portuguese soldier.”

Marshal Haftar ‘s ANL, mainly supported by Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, which holds eastern Libya, launched an offensive against Tripoli in early April.

Its progress was halted in the southern suburbs of the capital by the resistance of forces loyal to the national unity government.

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