Libya: new demonstration against Haftar and France with yellow vests

Libya: new demonstration against Haftar and France with yellow vests


Libya: Thousands of Libyans, some wearing a yellow vest, have again demonstrated Friday in the main square of Tripoli to denounce the military offensive Marshal Khalifa Haftar and France they accuse of supporting.

Similar rallies, resuming the garment that has become the symbol of a protest launched in France since mid-November against the French government and President Emmanuel Macron, had already been held on Tuesday and last Friday on the emblematic Place des Martyrs in the capital. Libyan.

Armed with Libyan flags red-black-green and chanting “Libya! Libya!”, Supporters of forces loyal to the Government of National Unity (GNA), recognized by the international community, shouted their opposition to Haftar Marshal launched April 4 an offensive on Tripoli.

Since then, Haftar’s troops have been battling pro-GNA forces south of the city and fighting has killed at least 278 people, 1,332 wounded and 38,900 displaced people, according to the UN.

The supporters of the GNA accuse Marshal Haftar of wanting to establish a “military dictatorship”.

The protesters carried portraits of the marshal struck with the words “Wanted” and those, crossed with a red cross, of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi and King Salman of Saudi Arabia. openly support.

They also trampled and burned a portrait of Emmanuel Macron, as well as a French paper flag, AFP journalists said.

“Surprised by the conduct of France in the face of the attack on Tripoli,” said some signs, written in French.

Protesters accused France of endorsing, at least tacitly, the offensive of Marshal Haftar, which Paris denies.

“I want to tell Mr Macron not to touch on Libya and I ask our friends in France, love of freedom, help us. Macron supports the militias it supports Haftar, and our children are dying every day” said Jamal, a protester.

“We are the sons of Tripoli and here they are the sons of Libya who came to send a message: say no to a military regime, no to the attack on Haftar, we made a revolution (in 2011) to have a civilian government, “added Abu Omar.

Libya has been plunged into chaos since the fall of Moamer Kadhafi’s regime in 2011.

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