London two new knife attacks

London: two new knife attacks


The number of homicides in the British capital is poised to become the highest of the last ten years.

The incident is the latest in a wave of stabbing in the British capital. A man in his twenties, wounded by several stab wounds, was found in the streets of London on Saturday morning, according to the British daily The Guardian. Transferred to hospital in critical condition, he died of wounds a few hours later.

An investigation has been opened and an autopsy will be conducted, but no suspect has been arrested for the time being.

Record over 10 years

A few hours earlier, on Friday night, a policeman was stabbed outside an Ilford train station in East London.

With these two new attacks, London is poised to break the record of homicides of the last decade. In November 2018, the total number of homicides in the capital is more than 123 and has already exceeded that of the whole of 2017. In that year, 116 homicides were recorded, apart from the terrorist attacks at Westminster, London Bridge and Finsbury Park.

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