Macron: Trump "must clarify his position against Europe"

Macron: Trump “must clarify his position against Europe”


French President Emmanuel Macron believes that his American counterpart Donald Trump, who spades and attacks the European Union, must “clarify his position” against the latter.

“There are a number of ambiguities, particularly with regard to Trump’s position on Brexit and the fact that it is promoting a tough Brexit,” says Macron in an interview with New Yorker magazine. made in English.

“I think he needs to clarify his position against Europe,” he adds.

Asked about the result of the European elections, where his party The Republic in March has arrived just behind the far-right party National Rally, Mr Macron welcomes the fact that the coalition of the far right has not won a majority in Parliament European.

“For me, this is one of the positive results of these elections, even if (the far-right parties) were helped by foreign influences,” he says.

Does he consider Donald Trump part of these “foreign influences”?

“No,” he replies. “For I do not completely understand (Donald) Trump to (Steve) Bannon,” he adds in reference to the former adviser to the US president, who he accused a few weeks ago of working to “dismantle Europe “.

Asked this weekend on the US television channel NBC about the efforts of Europeans to keep alive the Iranian nuclear deal he withdrew, Mr. Trump replied: “I do not have to do Europeans “.

“We are very generous with Europe,” he added. “We are taking care of them, we are spending huge sums on NATO, and they have been benefiting from trade for a long time.”

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