Melania Trump, mentally stronger than Donald Trump.

Melania Trump, mentally stronger than Donald Trump.


Melania Trump has nothing of the image of potiche that sometimes want to give her detractors. The evidence in a new book written by a former member of the White House Communication.

Two years after her first steps as first lady, Melania Trump finally asserts herself. The first lady sometimes even takes a stand against her husband and leads his own battles, especially against online harassment. Little by little, the image of a half-submissive, half-reticent woman who stuck to her skin faded away and gave way to a more confident Melania. As if the first lady had changed over time. But this is not the case says Cliff Sims, a former member of the White House communication, who released his book Team of Vipers January 29: according to him, the old model has not changed and has always been a real rock for the president.

In his book, in which he recounts the 500 days he spent working with Trump, the author reveals a revealing anecdote, which took place on the day of his election and says a lot about their relationship: ” The man who is not the type to lose his words has suddenly been rendered dumb by the verdict of history.For the shortest of moments, he seemed vulnerable. (…) Melania was never the person that the external observers are convinced to see- a reluctant and abused wife who just wanted to escape her.Anyway, she was present for him, every moment.At that moment, she grabbed the hand of her husband and tightened it.

Melania Trump has always been a real support for her husband. And this, since the beginning of his term. This famous night, she would have even assured him: “We will do this together and you will be a great president.”

In light of these latest revelations, the friendship between the former model and the first French lady appears in a new light. The two women seem to share the same goal: support their husbands at all costs.

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