Mexico: One hundred passengers survived in a crash

Mexico: One hundred passengers survived in a crash


Mexico: An aircraft of the Mexican company Aeromexico crashed on Tuesday at the time of takeoff. The passengers, all safe and sound, had just enough time to evacuate the aircraft before it caught fire.
It’s a succession of little miracles. Tuesday afternoon, a plane crashed during takeoff at Durango airport in Mexico, for some reason still undetermined. The 97 passengers and 4 crew members came out miraculously with only injuries. Two people, however, are in critical condition.

It was around 4 pm local time when flight 2431 of the Mexican company Aeromexico took off at the Guadalupe Victoria airport in Durango, in the center of the country. But at the end of the runway, the plane, an Embraer 190, suddenly crashed to the ground. The drama may have been narrowly avoided because the shock occurred parallel to the ground, the nose of the device has not been rectified too much.

“I have been very lucky”
Weather conditions could be the cause of the accident. At take-off, the aircraft may have been caught in a violent gust of wind while it was raining heavily. The crew then attempted to cancel the operation. Too late. The pilot will have to give explanations when he can be heard. He was seriously injured in the shock.

The 98 passengers, including two babies, and the four crew members had just enough time to get out of the aircraft. 4 minutes after the shock, the plane caught fire. Significant black smoke surrounded the cabin before the fire was quickly brought under control.

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