Moscow prohibits the import of Ukrainian products

Moscow prohibits the import of Ukrainian products


Moscow unveiled Saturday its retaliatory measures against the economic sanctions imposed by Kiev against him.

Ukraine and several Western countries accuse Russia of “illegal actions” following a recent sea confrontation in the Black Sea.

The Russian authorities on Saturday announced that it would ban the import of Ukraine from dozens of products including wheat, chocolate and beer, in response to Kiev’s economic sanctions against Russia for its alleged role in the Ukrainian crisis.

“The Russian government has decided to ban the entry into the Russian Federation of goods from Ukraine or passing through Ukrainian territory,” it said in a statement that he released, along with the list products subject to this prohibition.

These include wheat, sunflower oil, chocolate, bread, canned fruit and vegetables, jams, beer and wine, nappies for babies, as well as certain types of furniture and motors. .

The ban has an immediate effect, the statement said, noting that these measures are taken in response to “unfriendly acts of Ukraine against Russian citizens or legal entities”.

“Unfriendly acts”

Russia has been hit by a series of Ukrainian and Western economic sanctions since 2014, mainly because of the annexation of the Crimean peninsula in southern Ukraine.

Kiev and the West also blame Russia for militarily supporting pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, which Moscow denies.

Several Western countries, like Kiev, have also accused Russia of “illegal actions” following a recent sea confrontation in the Black Sea and US President Donald Trump has canceled his meeting with Vladimir Putin scheduled on the sidelines of the summit. G20 in Argentina about a month ago.

On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced the introduction of new sanctions against Russia, including the “aggression against the Ukrainian state in the Black Sea”.

The day before, Russia had announced that it had added 245 personalities and seven Ukrainian companies to its list of economic sanctions against Ukraine.

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