Mueller report confirms Trump spokesman Sarah Sanders is a liar

Mueller report confirms Trump spokesman Sarah Sanders is a liar


Sarah Sanders admitted to having invented false information about the dismissal of former FBI director James Comey.

After the publication of the redacted version of the Mueller report on the Russian investigation, several journalists called for the resignation of Sarah Sanders, the spokesperson for the White House.

If her lack of honesty with the press was already known to everyone, the special prosecutor’s report reveals that Sanders admitted that she had lied to reporters about the dismissal of James Comey, the former director of the FBI. “My tongue has forked,” she said in interviews with the FBI in the Russian investigation.

Officially, President Donald Trump dismissed Comey in May 2017 for mishandling Hillary Clinton’s email investigation, and because FBI agents had supposedly lost confidence in him. But the Mueller report confirmed that it was for his lack of loyalty that Comey was ousted, including because he refused to declare that Trump was not personally targeted as part of the Russian investigation.

Repeated falsehoods
During her press conferences following the dismissal of Comey, President Sarah Sanders’ spokeswoman invented conversations with FBI agents who were unhappy to follow Trump’s narrative. The Mueller report states that all this was “not based on anything”. When a reporter pointed out to Sanders that the vast majority of FBI agents seemed to support Comey, she said, “Look, we have heard from many FBI members who are saying very different things.”

The following day, other reporters reiterated the issue, and she said, “I can only speak from my personal experience. Many FBI members told me that they appreciated the president’s decision. […] I’ve spoken with many people, and I do not know so many people at the FBI. “

Another skeptical reporter relaunched it on the number of testimonies, and asked if it was rather fifty, sixty or seventy agents of the FBI who had said support the dismissal of Comey. His answer was: “We are not going to play the numbers game. Many people who work at the FBI said they were happy with the president’s decision. I do not know what else to say. “

As part of the investigation of Robert Mueller, Sanders decided not to lie any more and confessed that she had said all this “in the heat of the moment”, but that it was not true.

Since then, the video of his false speeches is circulating again on Twitter.

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