Nancy Pelosi reaffirms opposition to wall construction

Nancy Pelosi reaffirms opposition to wall construction


Nancy Pelosi, president of the US House of Representatives, warned Donald Trump on Thursday that it was out of the question to include funding for the construction of the wall he intends to erect at the Mexican border in the budget negotiations of the United States. border security.

“There will be no wall funding in the legislation,” she told reporters.

“The President does not have to say that this question does not concern the Congress … Does the President want a totally passive Congress on how to meet the needs of the American people?” She asked. interrogates.

A bipartisan commission is trying to find a compromise on the $ 5.7 billion that Donald Trump is seeking to finance the construction of the book. This commission must complete its work by February 10, five days before the expiry of the law financing for three weeks the federal administration.

This law was promulgated last Friday to suspend the paralysis that affected more than a month during US public services.

Nancy Pelosi also refused to consider a “null and void” compromise advanced by the White House which proposed to tie the fate of the “Dreamers”, those migrants who entered the United States illegally when they were minors, to the financing of the Wall.

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