Netanyahu bombs his chest with his jacket

Netanyahu bombs his chest with his jacket


The mercury barely descended, it has been seen reappearing, the quilted black jacket of Benyamin Netanyahu, his uniform of warlord.

He put it late last week as he led a squad of European diplomats on the heights of Galilee to praise Operation “Shield of the North” against the tunnels of Hezbollah.

He carries it again in a video broadcast by his services on Twitter Tuesday, with troops mobilized in the North. And he had it on his back a few hours later when he inaugurated a new motorway junction for the settlers, alongside his Minister of Transport and Intelligence, also wearing a … quilted black jacket.

The local media have been mocking for two winters already this strange craze of “macho men” (dixit Haaretz) of the Israeli security cabinet for these jackets, which have the advantage of inflating the build and make “people”. According to Ynet, most ministers (and deputies fayots dreaming of the job) opt for the basic model at 70 dollars. Netanyahu wears a chic brand, the Californian Mountain Hardwear, at 190 dollars. But it is above all during military over-mediated movements that these have flourished among politicians. The Knesset suit-and-tie dress code and the Hezbollah jacket have been imposed, even though some politicians have opted for the padded look in all circumstances, just like former General and Prime Minister Ehud Barak.

Netanyahu’s jacket also marks his return to the field. Here he faces charges in three corruption cases and shaken in his very fragile coalition. So, what better than to multiply the photo operations surrounded by soldiers? In Netanyahu, nothing owes to chance. We can expect to see a legion of crows crouching until the summer, grappling seriously on the shoulders of conscripts.

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