New anti-Sisi demonstrations in Egypt despite the ban

New anti-Sisi demonstrations in Egypt despite the ban


For the second night in a row, a hundred people demonstrated in the streets of Suez.

For the second night in a row, anti-government protesters braved the ban on demonstrations and took to the streets, where they were confronted by numerous anti-riot police backed by armored vehicles.

On the mobilization of the previous day: In Egypt, some protesters took the “extraordinary risk” to gather against President Sissi
“There were about 200 people,” said a 26-year-old protester interviewed by Agence France-Presse (AFP). The security forces “fired tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition. There are wounded, “said the protester who requested anonymity.

Another Suez resident interviewed by AFP reported a tear gas cloud so vast that it was reaching her building a few kilometers from the incidents. A source from the security forces confirmed the presence of dozens of demonstrators in Suez but did not provide any details on the authorities’ response.

  • Rare events

In Cairo, the police were deployed Saturday on the edge of Tahrir Square, emblematic place of the revolution of 2011. The previous day, several dozen protesters had chanted “Sissi, go ahead” before to be dispersed by the police. Other protesters went down Friday night in the streets of several cities of the country, including Alexandria.

Demonstrations against the regime are very rare in Egypt, a crack of lead repressive is imposed on the country since the removal in 2013 of Islamist President Mohamed Morsi by the army, at the head of which was then General Sissi.

Calls to protest have been launched in recent days on social networks, especially from a businessman exiled in Spain, Mohamed Ali, who accuses the power of corruption. President Sissi had denied all these allegations. “These are lies and they are meant to break the will of the Egyptians and make them lose all hope and confidence in themselves. ”

  • “Million March”

In a new video on social networks, he called on Egyptians to participate in a “march of a million” next Friday on all “major places” in the country. “I was as surprised as you to see the number of people on the streets (…) this revolution of the people. (…) We must unite (…) and organize ourselves to go down to the big places. We have until Friday to get there, “he said.

He also called on the authorities to release those arrested on Friday.

The Egyptian regime is cracking down on the opposition, imprisoning thousands of Islamists, activists, and bloggers. At least 74 people were arrested in the night from Friday to Saturday, told AFP a source in the security services.

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