New York A nyc helicopter crashed in Manhattan on a building

New York: A nyc helicopter crashed in Manhattan on a building


A helicopter crashed Monday, June 10 on the roof of a building in Manhattan, said firefighters in New York. One person has died.

The machine crashed on a building in Midtown, an area of ​​Manhattan neighborhood where there are many skyscrapers, not far from the Rockefeller Center and Times Square.

One person died in the crash on the roof of a building on 7th Avenue.

The victim was identified by the New York media as the pilot of the helicopter, information that firefighters and the governor of the city have not confirmed.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said the fire broke out when the aircraft struck the building and was under control. He has thus rejected any terrorist hypothesis. “My first thought was: is it an accident? Was it intentional? As New Yorkers, after 9/11, we are still worried, “he said.

The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) said in a tweet that the helicopter was an Agusta A109E and that, according to preliminary indications, only the pilot was on board. She said the Federal Agency for Transportation Safety (NTSB) would investigate the cause of the accident.

The accident took place between Times Square and the Trump Tower, on a fifty-story tower located on 7th Avenue, between 51st and 52nd Streets, including the US headquarters of the French bank BNP Paribas and who was evacuated.

A woman in the building at the time of the accident told FoxNews that she had heard a “huge boom” before she felt the building shake.

An important safety and emergency device has been deployed. “I was briefed on the crash of the helicopter in New York. Phenomenal work of our SUPERS first aid services, which are always on the spot. (…) The Trump administration is ready if you ever need anything, “the US president, who is also in touch with the city governor, tweeted.

“We felt the impact,” Nathan Hutton, who works in the building, told AFP. “It was 1:35 pm We felt the whole building move. We thought it was an earthquake or something like that. Then, two minutes later, the alarms sounded and the security arrived: ‘Take all your bags and leave immediately’ “.

He said there was no panic but “a little nervousness”, especially since it took thirty minutes to evacuate everyone from the building.

“You have to understand: look at the World Trade Center, how many people got stuck trying to get out of the building. They (people coming out of the building, Ed.) Thought the same thing, “said Nathan Hutton, 59.

More than a hundred emergency vehicles have been deployed at the foot of several large buildings. The neighborhood has been temporarily evacuated.

The latest helicopter crash in Manhattan dates back to March 2018, when a plane carrying five tourists in search of spectacular views of Manhattan crashed into the East River. Only the pilot had managed to escape.

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