Nicolas Maduro the coup failed in Venezuela

Nicolas Maduro: “the coup failed” in Venezuela


After this day of violence, incumbent President Nicolas Maduro appeared on national television surrounded by his Chiefs of Staff and his Minister of Defense.

Gunfire in the streets of Caracas … Clashes erupted during demonstrations in support of troops of soldiers who rallied the opponent and self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido.

69 people were injured, two of them by bullets on Tuesday. In the state of Aragua, a 24-year-old was killed during similar protests.

He explained that Juan Guaido’s coup failed and belied American PM Mike Pompeo’s statement that he was ready to give up power to take refuge in Cuba and that it was Moscow that He had also promised that there would be no impunity for the soldiers who had joined Guaido, that they would be brought to justice.

Recognized by some 50 countries as acting President of Venezuela, early in the day, Juan Guaido also appeared with troops of soldiers and called the entire army to defect to dislodge Nicolas Maduro from the presidency. But for the moment, nothing seems to indicate that the military heard it:

“We spoke with the armed forces and today it is clear that the armed forces are on the side of the Venezuelan people and not the dictator.”

In parallel, pro-Guaido soldiers allowed another opponent of the regime arrested after protests in 2014, long imprisoned before being placed under house arrest to leave his home to join the processions. Leopoldo Lopez and his wife then took refuge at the Chilean Embassy before joining the Spanish Embassy in Caracas.

In the pro-Maduro events organized also this Tuesday in Caracas, the spirits are warming up:

“Traitors, men who call themselves soldiers say they have been deceived, but the people know they have not been deceived, they are traitors to our country, traitors to our people.”

But Juan Guaido has called for new protests on this day:

“On May 1, we will continue, we will go down the streets, where we have planned to gather all over the national territory, everywhere in Venezuela, we will take possession of the streets.This is our territory.In Venezuela today we can not make a coup d’état, unless they want to stop me today we can only make a peaceful revolution. “

The United States that supported him had mounted the front on Tuesday threatening Cuba with a “total” embargo, warning Russia for its support for Maduro … This morning, the American Aviation Federation has banned all theft. below 8,000 meters altitude in the Venezuelan sky and given 48 hours to US operators to suspend their entire flight “due to instability in the country.”

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