No, the 17-year-old Dutch girl Noa Pothoven has not been "euthanized"

No, the 17-year-old Dutch girl Noa Pothoven has not been “euthanized”


“To put an end to her suffering, she stopped eating and drinking,” the school said in a statement. The story of Noa Pothoven is tragic. On Sunday 2 June, the 17-year-old Dutch girl died in a clinic in the Netherlands after she stopped eating and drinking. The teenager was suffering from depression after being raped as a child. In the days that followed, several media reported this story, stating that Noa Pothoven had been “euthanized”. “Wrong information.

In France, the weekly Paris-Match wrote Wednesday, June 5: “Faced with a life she could not stand, Noa, 17, chose euthanasia”. The title was finally changed. And for good reason, Noa Pothoven was not euthanized, according to the end-of-life clinic, who refused to help the girl to die when she asked him in 2018. “Noa Pothoven did not In order to put an end to her suffering, she stopped eating and drinking, “the school said in a statement.

  • “In the next 10 days, I will die”

The Levenseindekliniek Clinic in The Hague has said it wants to “put an end to misinformation” about the death of the teenager, who has made several suicide attempts in her short life. Noa Pothoven had been sexually assaulted at the age of 11. Three years later, she had been the victim of two rapes in her hometown of Arnhem.

She had announced her intention to die in a message posted on her Instagram account, which has since been deleted. “In the next 10 days, I will die,” she wrote. “It’s been a while since I stopped eating and drinking and after many discussions … it was decided to let me go because my life is unbearable,” she added.

With Belgium, the Netherlands was in 2002 the first country in the world to legalize the euthanasia of sick people whose suffering is “unbearable and without prospect of improvement”. Euthanasia is permitted under Dutch law only under strict conditions. At least two doctors must certify that there is no other reasonable alternative for the patient. “Levenseindekliniek exclusively practices euthanasia and does so explicitly in the Dutch legal framework,” said the clinic.

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