Palestinian Territories page disappears from US diplomacy website

“Palestinian Territories” page disappears from US diplomacy website


A State Department official assured that this change was linked to an “update” of the website.
The disappearance of a page devoted to the “Palestinian Territories” on the website of the US State Department has provoked a lively controversy, especially among Palestinian leaders who see the confirmation of the pro-Israel policy of the administration of Donald Trump.

  • “Updating the site

Asked, a State Department official said on Tuesday that it was not a “change of policy” of the United States against the Palestinian Authority, attributing this change to “the day “in progress of the website.

However, he did not specify whether the page in question would be reinstated at the end of the process. The site has, in fact, recently undergone a major overhaul.

Some observers have noted in recent days that the page “Palestinian Territory” which was still displayed at the beginning of the year in the list of countries in the Near East section had disappeared. And with it all the information on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

The only reference to the Palestinians appears on the page devoted to Israel when the American diplomacy evokes its hope to see an Israeli-Palestinian “peace agreement” come to an end.

  • A change “crazy”

The Palestinian Authority government condemned the disappearance, saying it reflected the “pro-Israel bias” of the Trump administration.

“Refusing to see the reality is not enough to erase the existence,” added Secretary-General of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Saeb Erekat on Twitter.

Former US ambassador to Israel under President Barack Obama, Dan Shapiro also said the change was “crazy”. “The Palestinians are not going to disappear, American interests require discussion with them,” he tweeted.

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